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Bloom is an impressive debut of Director Mark Totte. 

An emotional journey serviced by the brilliant talent of actress Kate Braun, a beautiful array of supporting characters, the gentle but haunting score, on point cinematography, and the gift of a director that allows these elements to breathe. What a welcome relief to know that young filmmakers like Totte are trusting and brave enough to allow these impressive elements to Bloom.”

- David Anspaugh, Hoosiers & Rudy

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An Indiana woman in her 70's takes off on a road trip across America, wandering through memories and reckoning with her past.

Bloom is a fictional drama that follows the past and present life of Kate, a mother of two children and her poodle, Storm. Stirred by the desire to flee her small town Indiana life, this ambling Midwest tale begins with Kate in her 60s, on the eve of an impromptu vacation that quickly snowballs into an adventure across America. Driven by memories from her past, we come to learn how Kate once broke free from her hometown and toured with a band on the road. Unfortunately, this dream came to an abrupt end leaving her right back in the stagnant, small town life she so desperately yearned to escape from. With her children’s inadvertent guidance, Kate’s attempt to fulfill her freedom is met face to face with her life’s deepest regret.


[  73 minutes  ]

[  Drama  ]

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